Sorry for being a really bad blogger today but I had a lot on my mind. I am waiting for some news and this waiting process is driving me crazy. I just want to know, whether it is good or not so good. Don’t you hate when you have to wait and wait to find out something? What makes it even worse is when people keep asking you if you found out or what the update is and you have to explain over and over again that you don’t know yet. FRUSTRATION!

Other than stressing all day I guess it was a pretty OK day. I didn’t do to much today because I was just not in the mood. I mean I didn’t even blog, and I LOVE blogging. I didn’t even go to yoga and I love yoga just as much as I love blogging. Anyways you get the point of what I am trying to say. Another thing that makes me really mad is that some people just don’t get it. Friends are suppose to do things for each other and not only do what they want to do when you hang out right? Well some people just don’t understand that…grr…

OK, time for some positive energy now! Lol, enough of stressing and bitchin….

To end my day with a little relaxation I am going to head over to my friends house. We are going to make food and watch Hell’s Kitchen. I love that show and I love chef Ramzy. You will be surprised ¬†how nice chef Ramzy actually is in real life, he is lovely.

Have you seen this show? It is sooooo good but this must be the craziest season yet to been shown on TV. Some of the people or shall I say sort of chefs are CRAZY, I mean off their rocker. Ha ha now I am convinced that this show and some of my favorite greek food will put be in a great mood. Hopefully I’ll get a good night’s sleep to as last night I barely slept at all. In the end I just got up at like 6.00 am and did nothing. Well, I stared at my computer for a while thinking that I could share something interesting with you all but that didn’t happen.

Time for me to go now. I promise though that tomorrow will be a better blog day!

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