Shoes by Kobi Levi


Kobi Levi, designer, specializes in designing unusual footwear that blur the fine line between fashion and art. Levi graduated from bezalel academy of art & design in Jerusalem. He has worked as a freelance designer since that time. Kobi Levi says that his shoes are “artistic foorwear” and he makes each pair by hand, he says “the shoe is my canvas”. You might ask where his inspiration comes from? Well, an idea is triggered when a concept or image comes to mind. Then the combination of the image and the footwear creates a new hybrid and so the design comes to reality. Kobi Levi says “the piece is a wearable sculpture”.

Have look below of a few pieces from 2010 all the way back to 1999.

Dog Shoe 2010

Blow shoe 2010

Miao Shoe 2010

Sling-shot Shoe 2010

XXX Shoe 2010

Chewing-gum Shoe 2009

Tongue Shoe 2005

Tulip Shoe 2003

Rocking chair 2003

Androgyne Shoe 2002

Double Boots 2000

Market Shoe Trolley 1999

So what do you think after having a look at some of his creations?

I feel like somebody should tell Lady GaGa about Kobi Levi don’t you think? You what,I will tweet her right after I finish writing this post, I feel like Ms GaGa and Mr Levi would make a great combo!

I also really like his shoes, they really are art pieces. My favorite shoe is the Chewing gum one, I could actually see myself wearing that shoe and it would be some much fun having everyone thinking that you have gum stuck to your shoe.

I think Kobi Levi is on to something be and before he knows it he will be a famous, famous shoe designer in Hollywood, no doubt.

LOVE your shoes Kobi!



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