Favorite Beauty Products


There is a Sea of Beauty products out there so how do you choose?

I like to try different beauty products by having them referred by friends because then I know they are not just trying to sell me “their” product. If a friend recommends a product it is truly because they like it and it has worked great for them. That is why today I would like to share some of my favorite beauty products with you. Anything from skin care to hair care. This is not endorsed by and of the below companies and I just LOVE these products for what they are.

NeoStrata skin care

This is “most def” my favorite skin care company. There is no fancy “bling bling” packaging just straight to the point and simple products that actually work and do what they have to do. They have a range of different products for different ages as well as for different skin types. These products are also reasonable priced, so you are paying for the product not the packaging. Here are a few that I like to use.

Toning Solution Level 1 $25.00

Day time smoothing cream Level 2 $37.75

Oil free gel cleanser $25.50

Bare Escentuals Starter Kit

This is the only make-up I use on my face except for a few eye-shadows and lip glosses from MAC. I love this make-up for many reasons like accentuate your natural beauty, conceal imperfections and even improves the appearance of your skin by wearing next to nothing. I started with the kit you see in the picture and after that I just bought the extras as I needed them. Once you start using this make-up you will never go back to any other brand of make-up. Loves it!

Get Started kit $ 60.00

Shu Uemura for color treated hair

AMAZING products! Yes, a little on the pricy side but OMG what a difference they make to the hair, totally worth the money.

OPI nailpolish

Color stays on much long than the “cheapy” nail polishes from the pharmacy or other places. Worth the few extra dollars and c’mon it is not that expensive to begin with. Huge selection of colors with fun names.

The only product I have not perfected yet is a body cream. I have tried all different kinds from Body Shop (body butter) to Victoria’s Secret body creams. Do you have a body cream you love? One you would want to recommend? I am totally open to trying some new ones and finding the perfect one.

Hope you try these products because they are “to die for” and I am not just saying that. Let me know what you think about them!



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