Down Town

It’s not raining today, after 5 days of constant rain. Yay!
Perfect day to go down town and that is what I did.

It was a little chilly so I took out one of my favorite scarfs and put on my Vintage Gucci Sunglasses.
My mommy gave me these sunglasses a while back but she bought them some time in the late 70′s or early 80′s.
I absolutely LOVE them!
What do you think of the vintage Gucci’s? I am a big fan of vintage sunglasses because the chances of one running into someone else that has the same sunglasses as you are like slim to none.

Me and my chichi Mikey are waiting in the car while someone special is getting us a drink and a snack from RachelBerry which is my favorite health food store in Montreal.

Once we had our supplies we headed to see the lovely Mary at Tres Chic Styling. This girl is really awesome always happy and always so nice. We had to take care of a little errand there first and then it was off to H&M.
I saw a jacket online that I wanted to check out in real life to see if it is actually as nice as it was in the pic.

When we finally got to H&M and I found the jacket I was looking for (which was a challenge as there was hundreds of crazy girls shopping at H&M today) I tried it on and it looked great, I really liked it.
BUT…big but….my “special person” that was with me did NOT like it. What do I do now I thought to myself?

Although I liked the jacket it still made me a bit insecure when my “special person” was not to crazy about it. “Special person’s” opinion really matters to me. Ok, as I couldn’t decide I reserved the jacket till Monday so I can think about it and I wanna ask you, the readers whether it’s a

LOVE’s It or SHOVE’s It!?!?!

Help me out please!
Here is a picture of the jacket.

Picture this jacket with a nice pair of black leggings and knee high leather boots with maybe a nice tunic top or maybe just a simple white low v-neck tee.



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2 comments to Down Town

  • Chehade

    Shove it. I agree with your “special person” and if his/her opinion matter why are you second guessing? Extra reason to shove it. :)

    • : ) Thanks for reading my blog! yay! I am second guessing myself because usually I am pretty good a t picking out and matching clothing pieces together. If it’s ugly why do I like it? Lol! Thanks for your opinion, will let you know what I decide on…. : )

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