Top 10′s in Fashion


After a local Montreal fashion show, with local designers last night I got really inspired and curious about who is on top in the fashion world. When they were at the top and for what category.
After a little research I found the Top 10′s in fashion. Anything from the Top Ten Collections to Top Ten Scenesters.

I picked a few of my favorites, mostly one from each category.

My favorite Top Ten Collection

Alexander McQueen’s (Spring 2010 collection) Plato’s Atlantis production was his embrace of digital technology.
In this collection you there was anything from outlandish shoes to lobster claws which proved once again McQueen still has his talent as a fashion designer but also does not fail to provoke.

My favorite Top Ten Fashion Icon

This was an easy pick for as I LOVE Lady Gaga. Lady G may have gotten inspired by Madonna but she has gone way further than Madonna ever did. It also help to have Nicola Formichetti on your own styling team. Who does not love this lobster headpiece?

My “itiestaccessory

This was a hard one as the iPhone is not really a fashion accessory but personally I can’t live without it. I always have it with me no matter what outfit I am wearing and it always matches..hehe…so for me there was no other option for the “itiest” accessory.

My favorite Top Ten Model

This was a HARD one. There are so many beautiful models out there. I love all the top ten models but if I can only pick it had to be Lara Stone. She has a beautiful body (not super, uber skinny) and the bleached brows, tooth gap and her curves make her GORGEOUS!

My favorite Top Ten Scenester

Blah, blah, blah…..I know what you are thinking but as my as Lilo does get in trouble she still manages to show up where it matters, whether she is wearing her alcohol bracelet or not. I will give her props for that.

These are my top picks. What are yours?
If you click here you can see the complete list for the Top 10′s at

PS I will upload pics from last night fashion show asap



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