Popping in at Fashion Pop Montreal


Fashion Pop, is serving a double duty this time around. It is the launch party for this year’s Puces Pop but also a fashion show with a fresh selection of local up-and-coming designers.
That is where I was last night!

Since it was a fashionista gathering I thought I would represent Scandinavia by wearing one of my Odd Molly dresses.

I was in a hurry when leaving the house so my pics are not that great but I was wearing my S. Weitzman 50/50 boots for the first time last night.

Nat & Me at the entrance of Rialto


Lovely Nat has taken her seat to scope the local talents
and Dikran too.

It was a nice surprise that DJ Mini was spinning some good electro.

And So it began….there was some really nice pieces last night. My favorite was designer number two. The name of her label was Prototype. Really nice stuff!

Yes, there were “goodie bags” but they were disappointing because they only contained magazines and flyers…but better than nothing.

There is lots more exciting Pop Montreal stuff going on around the city until October 3rd. I’ll let you know where I will be next.



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