Glimmer from Absolut Vokda


For a few seasons now I have been buying all the limited edition Absolut vodka bottles for my bf.
I really enjoy buying them because one I am swedish so I got to support my country he he.
Two, I think the bottles are really pretty and if you have the right display for them they look mucho stylish.

I know we have not even passed Halloween but the reality is Christmas is on its way so I thought I would bring you a little a tipple of what’s to come.

Each year Absolut Vodka produces a limited edition bottle to celebrate the festive season. This year, they’ve created Absolut GLIMMER, where the bottle has been transformed with a ‘dazzling’ crystal patterned glass.


We all know that fundamentally these things are done to sell more bottles, but we like it when companies actually explore their packaging like this. It makes the product more than just a consumable and asks us to appreciate packaging as something with aesthetic value, something that you want to keep or in my case collect!

What do you think about the Absolut bottles?


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