Evil Eyes & Hamsa Hands by ViktoriaLove


Rainy, cold, windy & dull is a perfect day to work on Evil eyes and Hamsa hands jewelry by ViktoriaLove.

I’ve been wanting to start this little fun creative hobby for a while but never had the time to do so, till today. I think it will turn out really good. Still needs a lot of work and research but at least this is a start.

You all know what an evil eye & hamsa hand fanatic I am, I counted all my bracelets that I have today but I don’t dare to tell you the number. Anyways as I am such a big fan on these bracelets here comes the first evil eyes & hamsa hand bracelet by ViktoriaLove.
My supplies to create the first bracelet.
Some evil eyes, hamsa hands, little shiny crystals and other essentials.
Here it is the first Evil eye & Hamsa hand bracelet by ViktoriaLove

Fits like a glove!

Goes really well with my single evil eye bracelet.

You want one?
Let me know…and stay tuned for more designs and models, coming soon.



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