Me, My Friends and Mont-Royal

Great weather and Nascar weekend in Montreal….hmmmm…what to do? Oh, lets spend a day on Mont-Royal!!! Yes, that is exactly what me and my friends did.

We walked around on Mont-Royal street and did a little shopping and chilled at a nice cafe called Studzio.

Me relaxing at Studzios on St-Denis with my newly purchased feather earrings.
They are handmade by an Vancouver jewelry designer.
Cheers Cosmo Lovers!

Me and my friend Rick who I might add is a great hair stylist.
Check out Salon Nude if you need a new look for the fall.
Me and Nat
Today I was wearing an Odd Molly dress and a short sleeved jacket from the new fall collection at Zara, brown Tory Burch Shoes to match my jacket and my beloved LV shopping bag (perfect for shoppin!)

I had an AMAZING day, hope you all had one to!


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