Fall Fitness

Fall is a busy time of year and often the season people fall off the exercise wagon as schedules get busy and daylight gets scarce. There’s also the weather to deal with (especially the Montreal weather), but fall can be a great time to change your workouts and try something new.

Pilates, Yumuna Body Rolling (YBR) and Yumuna Foot Fitness are the exercises you should take up this fall season and I happen to know about best trainer in Montreal.

Ever heard about NF Body by Natalie Fitzpatrick?

Natalie is a member of the Pilates Association of Canada and she is also a certified Yumuna Body Rolling Instructor. She has been teaching since 2004. However, Natalie has over 20 years of experience as a dance and choreographer which has made her a fantastic communicator of the human body as well as an intense yet safe teacher.

The goal with Pilates, YBR and YFF is to increase a persons awareness and responsibility toward their own body. Natalie can help you do this with a very hands-on approach to teaching. You are able to choose between group classes, private lessons and hands-on therapy sessions.

So now you know why you should choose NF Body and Natalie as you trainer however, for those of you who are not familiar with Pilates, YBR and YFF and what it can actually do to benefit your body, please keep reading and I will describe all the benefits and why these are the best choices for fall fitness.

When taking Pilates you will learn to take control of your body, exercise concentration and centering with precision. This will help you to learn how to breath and have a flowing movement when doing your exercises. Pilates will help you develop balance, strenght, flexibility and coordination.
The good thing about Pilates is that it can be practiced both at home or on a mat, but it is ideally practiced using the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates with a well-trained teacher like Natalie, who will help you achieve optimal physical wellness.

YBR (Yumuna Body Rolling)

YBR is a revolutionary fitness and therapy system that combines healing, wellness and injury prevention. YBR uses 4 to 10 inch specially designed balls to release and elongate muscles, improve posture and break your old tension patterns.
I think the most amazing thing about YBR is that it offers a workout, a massage and a chiropractic session all in one. I mean WOW!!! Isn’t that amazing? I have had a few sessions with Natalie and each and every time I feel like a new person floating on clouds when I leave her private studio located in down town Montreal.

Attention to all you ladies who like to wear all those pretty shoes, anything from platform heels to pointy stilettos. I am sure that after a night out were you wore your stunning shoes you might wonder why you do this to yourself?
Yes, the shoes look great when they are on but the pain some of them bring upon our poor little feet. Don’t you agree?
Well, here is the secret to letting your feet experience heaven, it is Yumuna foot fitness.
Strong, flexible feet are essential to a persons overall well-being and this is why you should make YFF an integral part of your daily exercise. After using the special balls designed to stimulate your feet you will feel like a new person.
Personally I have a pair of these balls and they are the first thing I look for after a night out wearing heels!!!

Now that you know my preferred choices to exercise this fall you should really go ahead and try them. Trust me you will be happy you did. You can click on the NF Body link at the top of the page to get Natalie’s contact info.
I really hope you enjoy taking up Pilates and YBR or YFF and let me know what you think.

Here you can see me and Natalie during a training session

OK, so I’m actually off to meet Natalie soon so, have a great day everyone and see you in a bit!



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