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While being on vacation in Marbella I got to experience some of the finest modern art there is. One of the art exhibitions took place a the world famous Nikki Beach Marbella. I was able to enjoy fine dining, champagne and some great art by Lior-Ryan. So have a look at my evening with art being my date!

Here I am all ready for some modern art at Nikki Beach

Ladies of the world

Me and my lovely ladies enjoying a glass of “bubbly” while waiting for the live art show to begin at Nikki Beach

Richard Ryan is painting live Marilyn Monroe art

Ron Lior’s paintings for sale

Here you can see the two painting that Lior (left) and Ryan (right) painted live in under a minute

Lior and his painting

A little Bio about Loir and Ryan

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Lior Ron (born in Israel 1971) has a very flirtatious, suggestive and sensual way of painting. He uses powerful colours with a strong graphic design and pop culture influences but keeping the art very simple.
His is fascinated with the female form that is mixed with sexual innuendos and adult humor.

Richard Ryan (born in Santiago Chile 1974) started off as a professional photographer and then later developed into painting art. Ryan always seeks to express a surreal reality, blending beauty and drama in his art. One of his most amazing art portfolio is “The Manhattan” art collection where each painting looks like a scene from a movie or a short story.

So, if you enjoy modern art as much as me you should check out Ron Lior and Richard Ryan. Trust me you will be impressed!!!



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