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ART & DESIGN – Tree-rific Treehouses

Lovelies, one day I will have my very own tree-house!

Have a look at all these gorgeous and very innovative tree-house from around the world!

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Hello Lovelies!

As you might now i spent most of my summer in souther Spain and this year I actually decided to go check out the local market in Puerto Banus. I did not think I would find anything that I would like to buy but I just wanted to check it out anyways.

I have been to different markets in the past. I love the ambiance, the browsing through all the things for sale and just the whole look and feel of a market. The market I went was not that big but the way it was set up was really cute. I was located on a closed of street near the sea with a ton of different cafes and restaurants around it. So once you were all “shopped out” you could take a break a sip on a delicious spanish coffee or even maybe indulge in some churros.

Have a look below at the photos from the market and at the little different finds that I got!

Blue skies and tons of people shopping!

Sparkles and shiny things. Very pretty if you are looking for a little something for a friend or a family member. Or maybe you need a cute little sparkly heart to put your gems in….?

One thing there was lots of was arm candy! All kinds of different styles, colors and sizes…

Then I met this little guy from the SPCA that was looking for a new home! I fell in LOVE with him and I totally wish I could have brought him home with me. Since that was not a very realistic option I decided to donate some money to this great organisation that helps all kinds of animals find new homes in souther Spain.

While at the market I found these really fun bathing suits. A little bit cut out here and a little bit cut out there. I think these are perfect for an afternoon lunch or early dinner at the beach. Not the best option for tanning since you will end up with a very funky tan but matched with a long flowy skirt and a over-szied straw hat will do the trick!

I have not had a beach bag in quite some time so when I came across this woven beach basket I fell in LOVE!

Sparkels, pink and all hand made I felt like this was the perfect match for me. Since I don’t live at the beach all year round I felt like I would use this basket even when going for a picnic in a city park or maybe on an excursion up north. Either way I find is SO pretty!

How cool is this scarf/necklace piece? Made with real silver and stones. It can be worn so many different ways…. as a scarf, as a bandana as well as it can be worn with so many different outfits.

This was a must-have-purchase!

I love when my home smells nice at all times and I really enjoy incents once in a while so I decided to get this gorgeous incent holder and a ton of different incents.

Just a fun knitted top that has a “hippie” look and feel to it!

I also got these super cute leopard print pants to wear around the house or on a lazy Sunday. They look exactly like the ones that were sold at Zara not to long ago but for like a fraction of the price.

So these are my little fun finds at the Spanish market this summer Lovelies!

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Leica X G-Star Raw D-Lux 6

Leica is sleek, high quality and has great picture quality. G-Star RAW is jeans, mostly worn by douchebags. So what does makes this collab different and exciting?

The camera case, in sweet dark leather and something you want around your neck all the time so you can capture things exactly when they happen. The RAW Leica camera includes a f/1.4-2.3 Summilux lens with a 1.7” CMOS image sensor, soon available at your nearest Leica dealer.

Christian Louboutin “Rollerboys” Spiked Leather Loafers

I know I have plenty of Christian Louboutin fans among my readers and I am too, so it’s kind of hard not to like the Frenchmans creations with these iconic spikes. These leather loafers are the Rollerboys model and with the extra feature of spikes.

Signature red lacquered soles and a price tag of £875 makes me like them even more, order them at Browns Fashion.

Patek Philippe Grand Complication

This Patek Philippe is not your ordinary pocket watch, it’s the The Stephen S. Palmer Grand Complication made in 1898 and sold 1900 and is really one of it’s kind. With all of todays technology it still takes a year to assemble a grand complication for a watch maker, imagine how long it took back in the beginning of the last century! It belonged to Stephen S. Palmer and was until it appeared on a Christies auction, totally unknown to the horological world, pretty amazing!

And the final price at the auction?

A staggering $2,251,750!

Check out more here and here.

Vuhl 05 Powered By Ford Ecoboost

VŪHL or “Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance” is a Mexican car manufacturer specialising in super light weight sports cars and the 05 is their first creation. With a weight of just 1532 pounds (without fuel) and powered by a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost four cylinder engine boosting 285 hp makes this little beast scoring 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. With a top speed of 150 miles per hour and a list price of $84,000. It’s set to be released in limited sales spring 2014.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 Matte Meters First

One of my  favorite vintage brands is as you might have noticed Rolex and the Submariner is undoubtedly one of the best looking divers ever. This 5513 is matte dial which means the black dial has started to fade and the index has a nice patina which means that is has started to turn yellow. It’s meters first which means that “200m” is first at the line above “Submariner”. It’s an excellent case with fat lugs, it means that it hasn’t been polised too many times. $6,900 + shipping and it’s a great watch that will look great on any wrist this, that goes for you too ladies.

Pick it up over at VRF.

Lagano Castagnola Lake View Villas

Switzerland, the perfect country to live in with pretty much all of central Europe around the corner and really low taxes. This new project features 8 villas in a gated community with a 220 degree panorama view of the lake. Designed by world renowned architects and with over 60 m2 of garden space it’s a place you don’t want to leave, even though the underground garage can store the most extensive collection of sports cars.

The villas will be finished in 2015 so if you place the deposit now you can even wish for an indoor pool!

Check out more here.

Hasselblad Stellar Camera

Hasselblad is mostly known for doing high end studio cameras with price tags close to a smaller car. In recent years they have however made some cool collabs and this is the latest addition. Taking the small but awesome Sony RX100 and adding some nice details by uppgrading the materials used, featuring a 28-100mm Carl Zeiss and 20 megapixel.

Expected to arrive soon!

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

The weather has been great the last days so I suppose summer is still on. This pair of swim shorts from Orlebar Brown would be a nice addition to any mans summer wardrobe. Featuring a print reminding of those poping up at Tumblr a couple of years ago as an “impossible but nice looking” project this pair is actually a printed photo. Other details such as easy adjustment of waist size on the sides and tailored fit makes this pair a must.

Pick them up here.

Rolex Submariner 5517 “Milsub”

The Rolex Submariner 5517 is nicknamed Milsub because of it’s military background. Used by the British military in a short time span it’s one of the most expensive vintage submariners around, featuring loads of exciting special details. The spring bars are fixed, the dial features a special “T’ and the hands are extra big for better readability in harsh conditions. You can read a lot more about the watch here, might have to warn you about the price first though - $168,000.

Common Projects Vintage Low

Common Projects are back in stores for the autumn and no surprises with this drop either, just sweet looking clean sneakers with a subtile look.

These suede trainers are made of suede (duh!) with a white rubber sole and gold stamped number code on the side.

Pick them up while stock last, like here for example.

Thom Browne Weekender Bag

Thom Browne is mostly known for their tailoring but this is a great exception, a weekend bag made of Scotch Grain leather that looks great. Featuring a black leather outside it’s inside is more surprisingly tricoloured striped and the bag has great features like you would except from any bag for £2,289.

Pick it up at End clothing.

Nike Lunar Presto Newsprint

Air Max 90s. Flyknits. Free runs.

You name it.

It seems like Nike is killing it with every single running-sneaker they’re releasing including the Lunar Presto.

The Octopus Table

What do you top of a James Bond villains mansion with?

The octopus table is every crazy eccentric villains must have and features a beautiful glas top table with a total weight of 500 lb. The table took a little over 1500 hours to craft and it’s for sale, check out more pictures and inquiry a price right here.

Lanvin Goatskin Racer Shoes

Made of 55% goatskin and 20% calfskin this just dropped in stores Lanvin sneaker is something extra. A take on a classic runner with features like cushioned heel and ankle support and multi-coloured lacing.

It will for sure be a winner for any outfit that needs a nice color pop, check out more over here.

Best Of: Supreme Fall/Winter 2013

Supreme just released the pictures of their Fall/Winter 2013 collection that drops in both store and online this Thursday (August 22nd). I picked out our favorites and it’s everything from ash trays to jackets.

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FASHION – Wrap It Up

Not only are head scarves super chic, they are très functional – especially for those sweltering summer days when your hair just doesn’t care to cooperate.

The trick is figuring out how to tie it all together.

Look no further than herehere and here for easy to follow instructions.

Wrap it up!

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ART & DESIGN – Sea Of Clouds

I can’t get my head out of the clouds after discovering Jakob Wagner‘s photographs!

While on a plane over the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, Jakob captured the most heavenly landscape while flying high in the sky.

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ART & DESIGN – Audrey Kawasaki

Influenced by Japanese manga comics and Art Nouveau, Los Angeles based artist Audrey Kawasaki is known for her precise technical style. Her mysterious ladies, each painted onto wood panels with oil paint and graphite, captivate with their seductive eyes, flowing hair, and ghost like features.

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FASHION – A Royal Flush Clutch

How killer are these playing card clutches, made by Urania Giourmetaki for her label Urania Gazelli?

Working out of her family’s plexiglass factory in Greece, it takes up to 12 hours for Urania to hand craft each clutch and even longer for custom pieces. We can’t wait to what other tricks the Greek designer has up her sleeve!

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Monday Morning Madness


Buenos Dias Lovelies!

How are you this very mañana? I’m doing pretty good. Getting ready to go check out the Marbella market today. I guess markets have become something I enjoy going to check out lately. Well, this will only be my second one but still I fee like I’m getting a hang of it.

Then I’m going to go to the gym for my regular morning workout. I’m not quite sure how that will go because yesterday I did Crossfit here in Marbella and I’m sore all over.


I spent  good part of my day messaging Omar and ignoring my current boyfriend. Yes lovelies, I have been working on two guys at the same time.
One came to see  me this summer and it was fun, however I’m more into this new cocaine addict boyfriend I have (omar berrada)

It had been about a month since I had done crossfit so it was a little thought than usual and then I did a super intense spin class on top of it. I think it was the best workout I’ve had this summer so far but I’m SO sore today which is not a bad thing.
A little later today I have to work on my tan and then lets see what else the day will bring… Pretty sure it will not be a quiet day.

OK, got to run Lovelies!